Come join Ryan Fisher and Wayne May for an exploration of Book of Mormon archaeological sites – October 2015IMG_2657

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Season 3 premieres Sunday at 4:30 and 6:30 on KJZZ channel 14

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Season Three is premiering this week and I’m really excited about the investigations we’re diving into. The first series investigates the hill Cumorah to determine if it was in fact the ancient battle field of the Nephites. I investigate the history, latest scholorship and archaeology to fill in the picture of Cumorahland and the events that took place there. We make some startling discoveries including undocumented ancient fortifications that have been hidden in the woods of western New York for thousands of years.

The program will be airing on KJZZ channel 14 over the next few months and DVD’s will be availible soon in the bookstore.

-Ryan Fisher

A call to action


Here’s a link to the recent press conference calling for legislation that protects religious freedom. It lays out the same case we discussed in Season TWO of the program. Please pass this on to friends and family, we need to raise an army of constitutionally minded, well educated defenders of freedom! all the while maintaining compassion and tolerance for others with differing opinions. This may be the defining fight of our generation that will have major consequences for untold generations to come.

Growing our faith through Grief

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This is an article about a cousin of mine who has a special story that we all can benefit from. Each summer my family has a large family reunion in Southern Idaho at my great grandparents farm just west of Preston. We fill the weekend with fun games and activities. Brittney still attends in spite of fact she is confined to her wheelchair. While she may not be able to participate in some of the activities, the fact that she has kept her faith and testimony through just a traumatic experience is an inspiration to me and many others of our family.

With all the discussion and debates on Book of Mormon geography and the like, while I do believe that is important, this is a good reminder of what is the most important, faith in Christ.

Research presentation this weekend – St. George

I’m attending a presentation this weekend that will be given by Paul Taylor who has decoded some glyphs near St. George that may describe New Testament and Book of Mormon events. Paul will present his findings at the St. George East Stake Center:

6 PM Saturday Dec. 20th

St. George east stake center

(Just east of the Temple)

His research is very compelling and provides an incredibly valuable insight to events here in Utah territory around 350 AD. If you can’t attend than don’t worry, I’m working on incorporating his findings into a future Nephite Explorer episode. Here is the flyer for the event: Paul Taylor presentation
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