Nephite explorer is an investigation into some of the most fascinating mysteries in Christianity. Drawing from multiple Christian sources, US history, and archeology from around the world, investigative Journalist and explorer Ryan Fisher dives into scriptural prophecy and makes some startling discoveries that may just rewrite American history and Christian thought in the United States.

Journalist and Explorer Ryan Fisher offers a preview of the upcoming season of Nephite Explorer. Airs April 7th  on KJZZ  Channel 14 at noon and 6:30

Exodus of Lehi’s family and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Journalist Ryan Fisher investigates archeological sites in Jerusalem to fill in the rest of the story behind the exodus of the family of Lehi from Jerusalem in 600 BC and to find out if the prophecy of Lehi and the prophet Jeremiah, that Jerusalem will be destroyed if the people don’t repent, was fulfilled.
Airs April 14th at noon and 6:30

Lincoln and the Civil War part one- “Lincolns Conversion”
Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher travels to Washington DC to investigate the events that led up to President Lincolns second inaugural address in which he states that the civil war is a judgment from God on the nation and that the United States is a promised land just like ancient Israel. Airs April 21st at 4:30 and 6:30

Lincoln and the Civil War part two- “The Nation Converts”
The investigation into President Lincoln’s conversion to the concept that the United States is a promised land continues as journalist Ryan Fisher travels to Gettysburg to investigate the conversion of the north and how that affected the outcome of the civil war. Airs April 28th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

The Promise Land of Israel – a warning to the United States
The investigation into this concept that the United States is a promised land leads journalist Ryan Fisher to Israel to investigate the rules for living on a promised land and to search for connections to the consequences of the US civil war. Airs May 5th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

The Oath – Exploration of Federal Hall and St. Paul’s Chapel
Investigating the concept that the United States is a promised land, journalist Ryan Fisher meets author Timothy Ballard who uncovers that President Washington took a solemn oath that he would preside over a new promised land as prophesied in the Old Testament.
Airs May 12th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

Pilgrims inherit a Promised Land
The investigation into the founding of the United States continues in Plymouth Mass. where Journalist Ryan Fisher investigates the covenants and oaths the Pilgrims and Puritans made when arriving on American Shores. Airs May 19th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

“Meeting of two brothers”
Journalist Ryan Fisher meets with scholar Bruce Porter in Plymouth Mass. to investigate the prophecies concerning latter day America and how those events were set in motion thousands of years ago in ancient Israel. Airs May 26th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

“The word returns to the Lamanites”
Journalist Ryan Fisher investigates statements and teachings from Joseph Smith regarding the location of Book of Mormon geography, the missionaries sent to the “Lamanites”  and searches for connections between the lands of the Nephites and the United States of America. Airs June 2nd at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

Episode 9 “Prophecy of the Pilgrims”
Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher searches for clues from Book of Mormon prophecy about the pilgrims that can tell us where the lands of the Nephites are, and what that means for Americans today.
Airs June 9th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

“The Last Great Struggle”
Journalist Ryan Fisher investigates the events surrounding the excavation of an ancient Nephite Grave by Joseph Smith and others and the incredible revelations that followed. Airs June 16th at 4:30PM and 6:30PM

EPISODE 11 – “The collapse of the Nephites”
Exploration of Mound City
Journalist Ryan Fisher explores the ruins of an ancient city and fort with archeologists to search for parallels to the stories and wars found in the Book of Mormon. Airs June 23rd at 4:30 and 6:30PM

“A Covenant Land”
Investigative Journalist Ryan Fisher meets with scholars, authors and politicians to determine what responsibilities our government and people have in regards to the principles of the Covenant as found in the Bible, Book of Mormon and US constitution.  Airs June 30th at 4:30PM  and 6:30PM


      • Hi I’m new:) this is just so interesting as my love for the Book of Mormon has grown I can’t wait to get all involved in this project you guys have going on. How can I watch this series and how do I get more info on the tour?
        Thank you kindly

    • I agree. Utah gets all the good shows, tons of temples, the best university…time to share all this with the rest of the saints. I’m always feeling left out because I don’t live in Utah.

      • Utah ain’t all its cracked up to be neither is nephite explorer. They will not cancel my subscription after I have begged them monthly for 4 months. I will now get my lawyer involved and sure them for 2 years back pay.

    • and if I didn’t see the animal until after my pet did I would’ve ietadiemmly ran to my pet and grabbed it by it’s collar, harness or back of the neck and pulled it away.

  1. Just letting you know that the Kjzz14 didn’t stream the rebroadcast. i don’t know about he noon showing. However, I have a feeling it didn’t show that one either.

  2. Great work. It’s about time. I cannot find where the future show times and dates are listed. Please let us know. Thanks. Mike in St. George

  3. I appreciate the fact that the weekly episodes will be posted on This topic interests me a great deal. Unfortunately we do not get KJZZ channel 14 here in California.

  4. Thank you for putting the shows on the Internet. I called Dish and they told me KJZZ was not available in Nevada. I really did not want to miss this.

  5. Thanks Ryan. As your standard single-income-with->2 kids church family, I request you keep the DVD cost around $15. When stuff goes to $19.99 or above, I stress out & don’t buy it, even though it’s not really a big deal — one less upside-down banana split from Dairy Dan’s 🙂 But psychologically, in all seriousness, $15 is about the cost of a new movie DVD, and I’ll probably limit out right around there.

  6. I’ve noticed only a few of the episodes have been uploaded, and not necessarily in order. Will you be uploading the rest?

  7. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for your research, these episodes and this website – it’s just what I have been looking for to add to my study of the Book of Mormon. I am so intrigued by this information. Thank you, Thank you!

  8. I love your show and the work you are doing! Have you looked into what Brigham Young had said about the St. George temple site and the Nephites?

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve looked into the St. George temple site being a Nephite temple site but I can only find one reference by one person that Brigham Young said just that. If he actually said that in a regional conference, I’d expect to find several journal accounts of such an announcement. The one account we have was dictated 50+ years after the fact and isn’t backed up. If you know of any other sources please share, but for now I can’t find enough credible evidence to support that one statement. Now on the other hand Brigham Young’s statement about Manti being dedicated by Moroni as a Temple site is much more credible and as of right now I believe it.

  9. Love , love, this show. I have learned so much. Thank you. I bought season one and looking forward to season two. Cant wait.

  10. The show has brought out many new facts and ideas that have been hidden. I recently traveled to New York. The history came alive to me as I visited many of the historic sites. Our American history is so rich and backed by the hand of God. I am very excited for season 2.

  11. I love your shows. They are fantastic and love when you have guest Bruce Porter on he rocks. I appreciate so much being able to send friends of other faiths to see the information, much easier and more effective than me trying to explain it all. Let me know if you want to do a presentation in North western Montana. I would love to see a live presentation. Thanks again for all you do and I appreciate the work.

  12. Ryan, thank you. I tell everyone who will listen about you and your adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us. How many times have we been reading the Book of Mormon and tried, in our minds eye to “see” where Nephie tred? Wonderful work. I am buying the DVD as soon as I can find them. The Lincoln story was so inspiring.
    Bonnie Collier

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Yeah, visualizing the places these events took place helps me a lot too. Thanks for your missionary efforts. Season one on DVD is in the bookstore on the left. Season two investigations will be available soon too. Thanks for the encouragement!

  13. Are you going to post season 2 videos on the website? I have sent the preview to all of my friends across the country. Most of them cannot view season 2 because they do not get kjzz channel 14. What do we need to do to view this? Would you also consider coming to Kentucky for a live showing?

    • Hi Jarl, parts of season 2 will be on the website. The whole season will be available on DVD next month. I’ll have it up in the bookstore asap. You’re in Kentucky?! I spend several episodes just accross the Ohio river from you exploring forts I believe may have been built by governor Lachoneus to make a last stand against the Gadianton robbers. You’re gonna love it since it’s a place you can visit on your own. Yes, I’d love to come to KY and do a live showing/ presentation. Right now I don’t have room in my travel budget for a solo trip but if I can find a way to get travel covered than I’d be happy to come and meet with anyone willing to listen. I’ll probably be in your neck of the woods sooner or later so I’m sure I can figure something out. Email me your contact info and where your at: Thanks!

    • Yes there will as long as I don’t run out of money or get kicked off air……even at that there probably would still be a season 3,4,5…..too many questions that need answering, thanks! -Ryan

  14. Ryan, loved the symposium yesterday. Since KJAZZ is no longer available, where do we go to watch the episodes that you said are coming up?

    • You have to log into Paypal, find the subscription and cancel it there. That’s how most paypal paid subscriptions work from what I’ve seen.

      • I have tried that but pay pal tells me that you do not show up as an automatic payment abs to contact you to cancel it. I am getting pissed of and if this isn’t stopped I will contact my attorney and sure for the cost from day one! So please do something and cancel it! NOW!

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