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Many of the presenters on Nephite Explorer are happy to do firesides or devotional presentations at no cost for adult and youth audiences. For more info or questions contact Ryan Fisher at:


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  1. Where there are facts and first hand accounts that clearly state the story, I rely on those. Believe me I’ve left a lot of very interesting ideas on the the cutting room floor simply because they we’re purely speculation. But where there is a lack of information, holes in the story, we have no choice but to speculate (or put forth an educated guess) which is all fine as long as one clearly differentiates between fact and speculation which I try to do. I should point out that archeology is considered by most universities as part of the humanities and not part of the sciences. Speculation is part of Archeology and even there, there is a spectrum from total speculation to scientific fact but there is almost never any 100% proof of anyone’s conclusion. How much speculation is constructive to the subject in question? Depends on the person. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I was totally captivated by your Nephite Explorer Season One. I felt the truth come forth and confirmed it when I followed the suggested scripture references. It was a doctrinal feast. It not only makes sense but I know it to be true in my heart. Tim Ballard and Bruce Porter and others did a fine job in explaining and detailing the events of this covenant promised land, America. I see your asking price is $24.99. Is there a discount with a certain quantity ordered at one time? I’m thinking about 20 to 25 or more if there is a quantity discount. Please let me know and thank you again for opening my understanding through more study and prayer.

  3. Looking for a January presentation up here in the Rexburg area. Hopefully you will bring more DVDs and books. You have been very courageous. The time is right for all who will listen. Please let me know.

    • I’ve been able to select a location in Archer, Idaho, just 10 miles south of Rexburg. It is by the famous hamburger business called “Big Juds”. The two pending dates are January 13th or 20th they are both on a Monday. Let me know which date is best for you and then I can start advertising. Thank you so much for offering to come and do this presentation. We are very excited.

  4. I was actually clicking through channels when I saw “Nephite Explorer” on the channel listing. I stuck around to find out more and was hooked. I have been telling my friends and family about your website and tv series. I live in Northeastern Utah, Roosevelt to be exact. What are the odds that you could come out here in the middle of nowhere and present a fireside? We could even see some of the old dwellings here. I have a friend who tells me that there are petroglyphs here that he believes are references to the Book of Mormon’s Tree of Life. I could get more details on the Nine Mile Petroglyphs.
    Thanks, Tommy Olsen
    Roosevelt, Utah

  5. Ryan, don’t forget to bring books and DVDs for the Rexburg, Idaho meeting. Saturday, January 18 in Archer, Idaho next to Big Jud’s!

  6. WOW what a wonderful presentation. We were feasting on the words of the Book of Mormon. Edifying, uplifting and unifing it was like we were hearing Alma, Nephi, Jacob, Moroni and others warning us that we are going the same directions they did. We need to stop and return to the truth, to God and become a righteous America again. What an exciting time to live and with the help of people like Ryan Fisher we can come back! His presentation was compelling and the Spirit was there in abundance. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. ASK HIM TO COME AND SPEAK TO YOU TOO! IT WAS MARVELOUS!

  7. How and when do you do firesides? How large does the group have to be? Are you located in Utah? On your show you tend to travel all around. It is a fabulous show my husband and I love to watch. Great job.

  8. Ryan, I think we met while you were working on your camera drone shooting for Nat. Geo. at the Mars Station by Hanksville, I was the search and rescue ,RC pilot, MDRS manager. At that time I knew nothing of NE or Meldrum or Wayne May. But now all I can say now is WOW! Thanks for your work! It has brought the B of M to life for me and my family, my kids say as we read together that they can see it i their minds, keep it up! Stop in @ the Hollow Mt and say hi next time you’re passing through Hanksville. So long from Gadianton country

    • Hi Don, yeah that was the last shoot I did for Nat Geo. They wanted me to go around the world filming but I turned them down to launch the Nephite Explorer project. Financially, not a good move, but spiritually a great decision. I’m glad your family is benefiting from the project. Just a little bit of visuals really brings the scriptures alive for me and it changed everything. Sounds like your kids are having a similar experience and that’s why I do it. Yeah I’ll stop by next time I’m in Gadianton country, ha ha πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tyler, sorry for the late reply. This comment slipped through. No, no podcasts as of yet. I would be available to do a fireside/ discussion group in the Layton area. Most of the other researchers I feature in the show are from out of state. Shoot me an email at:
      if you’d like to arrange something. Thanks

      • Ryan your new DVD ” Trail of the Covenant” is really good! Just finished watching it. We can’t wait until we receive the others we ordered. Remember I took one when I saw you at the BOM conference at UVU Oct 10. How about 11 more of those and 8 of the Nephite Explorer season two. One of the last excerpt/references about Columbus being lead by the spirit kept jumping it was the only place it happened on the DVD. Check the spelling of Wayne on your label. GREAT seeing you. Watch out for bears.
        Yihk (Tonya)

  9. Hello I was hoping to get son information on the book of Mormon. I would like to get some information on historical facts of it. And any information on the warfare on the book of Mormon. I am not able to get online much so. I’ll have to give you my number please don’t give it out. I have started to read the book of Mormon on my own. I am in joying it much. Sadly as I have more of a want to study and reacher it I lost a1/3 of my in come so I have to be picky of anything I buy. If you feel lead to seed me any information on the book of Mormon. I am willing to take it I am not asking for money or will take it but books and DVD I’ll will take it only if the one giving it feels lead to do so. Thank you for your time. My number is 810-814-4469 as for eric

    P.s I just had surgery so I am out of it. I had to lay off my pain killers to get this as good as I can to be in my best mind I can. Thank you for your time and any help to my e mail is

  10. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your fireside this evening. I was sitting about four rows back with my three children and all of them thought it was fascinating. My oldest son who is 17 was hoping that you would get through more of the slides. Is there any way to get a filmed version of your full fireside without all the questions or side comments that maybe somebody has filmed and you got a copy of it? I know he would love to see it all 3 of my children really enjoyed being there tonight and I thought they would get bored. Thank you for your research thank you for being able to be there tonight and thank you for your response and hopefully knowing how we can work something out.

    • Hi David, thanks. Yes you can watch it. My whole presentation, even the parts I didn’t get to, are available at along with a dozen or so other presentations by other researchers. You can get a free trial and watch what you want and or subscribe for 5 bucks. I’m glad to hear your kids found it interesting. I”m constantly struggling with how to present this info in ways that younger generations will find interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. Ryan,
    Thanks for a great research symposium on Saturday. My wife said it best, “that is one of the best conferences I have attended.”
    You made mention in your presentation, Nephite Geography Part 2, you would provide a list of forts to visit in southern Illinois if requested. Well, I am making the request. I grew up in Indiana and we are going back in the Fall. It would be great to have the list so we can visit the sites.
    Thank you, again, for a great conference.
    Dick Ogden

    • The two forts that you can drive to are Millstone bluff and Pounds Hollow recreation site.

      Pounds Hollow Recreation Area
      50 Highway 145 S
      Harrisburg, IL 62946
      Look for the rimrock trail

      Milstone bluff
      Illinois Route 147 west of its junction with Illinois Route 145[2]
      Nearest city Glendale, Illinois

  12. My husband and I would like to go on the American Covenant Tour. However, this September isn’t going to work for us. Is he going to do another one in the future?? I’m REALLY hoping so!!


  13. I would like to pay for my daughter to get the the true north tv, can I pay for a gift subscription? thanks, Sharon

  14. Is there any way of purchasing season one DVD? I’d love for my parents to have it. They’re very low tech and would never in a million years be able to figure out how to watch it online. So true north tv isn’t an option. Thanks.

  15. Are you planning on being in the Northern Ohio region at all? I would love to see about your firesides. Please email me.

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