CUMORAHLAND TOUR – With Wayne May and Ryan Fisher  July 15th-21nd 2018
THE LAND BOUNTIFUL TOUR -With Wayne May and Ryan Fisher October 14th-21st  2018


Book of Mormon archaeology exploration tours: 

Cumorahland Tour with Wayne May and Ryan Fisher

JULY 15th-21st 2018 

Join Wayne May and Ryan Fisher for a Book of Mormon archaeology tour of Cumorahland! This tour has been years in the making as we have searched out ancient remains of indian forts that date to Nephite times located around the hill Cumorah battlefield. This is the battlefield tour you’ve been waiting for. We not only visit many forts but also sacred burial mound and meet with local Seneca indians who will tell us about the Book of Mormon events from their own history. We’ll also take you to the unknown secret fortifications on the Joseph Smith farm, near the palmyra temple and in the sacred grove before ending the tour by attending the hill Cumorah pageant. It will be an emersion into the final days of the Nephites like never seen before.

Cost $1195 per person (double occupancy)

Detailed itinerary NEW YORK TRIP


Sunday – Arrive Cleveland, OH

Day One- MONDAY Kirtland Area
Tour historic Kirtland
Tour Kirtland Temple
Indian Museum of Lake County – Mentor, OH
Inidan point state park Lyman works.
(optional Historic Johnson Farm – time permitting)

Niagra Falls
Lewiston Indian Mound and Indian fort, Lewiston, NY
Ganodogan Seneca Art and Culture center Victor, NY
Indian Fort Nature preserve Geneseo, NY
Stay in Rochester, NY

Tour ancient fortifications near Batavia NY with local guide
Meet with Seneca Indians to hear presentation of Book of Mormon parallels
Tour Fort Hill Cemetary a mound and fort from antiquity
Great Gully Nature preserve Indian Mound and fort
Tour Indian Mound Cemetary Moravia, NY
Tour The Indian Fort Road Preserve Trumansburg, NY
Stay in Ithaca, NY

-The Indian Fort Road Preserve contains the remains of earthen
features, including mounds and ditches, which likely were part of a
palisade around a village.

Short Hike to a beautiful waterfall at Watkins Glen State Park
Tour Waverly Museum with guide on the Sesquehanna 7 foot Indians
Visit Spanish Hill, the location of an ancient hill top fort and
temple sacred to the indians

Tour Waverly Museum with guide on the Sesquehanna 7 foot Indians
Visit Spanish Hill, the location of an ancient hill top fort and
temple sacred to the indians

Tour Fort Stanwix- Rome, New York which saw action anciently and
during revolutionary war and was a major stop on an ancient portage
connecting the Atlantic ocean with the Great lakes
Tour Indian Mound Poland, NY
Stay in Syracuse, NY

Fort Stanwix was a major revolutionary war fort as well as the
location of an ancient indian fort called “De-O-Wan-Sta” (the place to
carry ones canoe between two rivers) It stands between 2 rivers where
indians would portage 1 mile to get from the Mohawk river to wood
creek and was the fastest and most direct route to navigate from the
Atlantic ocean to the great lakes anciently.

Day 5 – FRIDAY

Hill cumorah
Joseph Smith Farm
Sacred grove
Lunch in Palmyra
Downtown bookstore artifacts Latter day harvest museum artifacts
Palmyra – Grandin Press, where the Book of Mormon was published
Palmyra Temple ancient battlefield ruins
Dinner before Pageant
Private bookstore opening
Attend Pageant
Return to Hotel

Saturday Fly home

Cost $1195 per person (double occupancy)

Price includes everything except airfare (To Cleaveland, OH and from Rochester, NY) and meals (most breakfasts are included with room).

To reserve your spot today click on the “pay now” button below to put down your $250 deposit which is 100% refundable to within 45 day from departure. Space is limited and this is the only Cumoarahland tour in 2017. Reserve your spot today!


To speak with our airfare specialist or for any other questions contact Ryan Fisher:



With Ryan Fisher and Wayne May

OCTOBER 14TH-21st 2018




October 14th-21th 2018

Cost $1195 per person double occupancy

Ryan Fisher and Wayne May will be guiding an exploration of the archaeology of the Hopewell mounds, ancient cities and forts featured in season one and two of the TV series. It will be an adventure into the Book of Mormon.


Day One (Sunday October 14th)

Fly into Columbus Ohio and settle into hotel

Day Two

We’ll start off at Coshocton, Ohio where we’ll tour the museum that houses many artifacts that may have been Nephite including headplates, breastplates, atlatl, arrow heads and other metal and stone artifacts. Also on display is the Newark holy stones which depict Moses and the ten commandments written in paleo Hebrew which was found in a mound nearby.

We’ll also visit flint ridge, the site of an ancient munitions factory that may have supplied the arms for many of the conflicts in the Book of Mormon. We’ll finish off the day by exploring the great Newark earthworks. A massive 4 square mile complex that dates to both Nephite and Jaredite times.

Day three

We’ll visit Mound City national historical park, a fortified city that dates to Nephite times. Then we’ll continue down the paint valley which is lined with 2000 year old hill top forts as we make our way to an Amish bakery for a frontier lunch. After lunch we’ll visit the serpent mound, a 1300 foot long serpent earthwork on a hill top bluff.

Mound City Aerial Photo- Ryan Fisher

Day Four

We start the day visiting Pollock earthworks, an ancient Hopewell site along with Williamson Mound and Enon mounds. Then we drive to Fort Ancient, an ancient fort that could house 50,000 people. The fort has an excellent museum and even offers atlatl throwing. Then we visit Miamisburg mounds before heading to Indiana.

Day Five

We begin with a visit to Mounds state park, Angel mounds and tour ancient Hopewell sites that date to Nephite times.

Day Six

We begin our tour of the forts built by governor Lachoneus in southern Illinois. We’ll visit several ancient hill top forts that we featured in season two of Nephite Explorer. We’ll walk the causeways, gates, walls as the story of the Book of Mormon comes alive right before our eyes. We’ll also explore a cave that one had petroglyphs of ancient animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon.


Day Seven (Saturday October 16th)

The day begins with visiting Big Springs, MO, the site of one of the largest fresh water springs in North America and is our choice for the Waters of Mormon. We then finish off the tour of the land of Bountiful at Cahokia state park which comprises massive mounds and replicas of the palisade defenses built by the ancients.


October 21st SUNDAY Fly out of St. Louis

This is a never-done-before exploration of the latest archaeological sites that have parallels to the Book of Mormon account. We visit many of the sites featured in the Nephite Explorer Project tv series. As we travel on the motorcoach and at each stop, Ryan and Wayne discuss the archaeology, the Nephites and the spiritual messages of the Book of Mormon prophets all in the heartland of the United States where these events took place.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot by registering with a $200 deposit (refundable to 45 days before departure) :


Itinerary subject to change. Questions about the tour:


38 thoughts on “TOURS

  1. Ryan can we still sign up for the tour? Also the $1195 – obviously that doesn’t include the flight – what does it include – what other costs should we anticipate?
    (Ryan could you please send me an email)

  2. We saw Nephite Explorer tonight. It talked about an Eastern US tour led by Tim Ballard, yet there is nothing on your website about this tour. Is it no longer available? Sounded like a wonderful tour.

  3. My friend and I are interested in attending your symposium, Saturday 13 Feb 2016 in Orem and would like to register. Without having to register on line (going through Paypal and all) is there another option we can use to secure seating arrangements?

  4. Is there going to be another Eastern US Tour with Tim Ballard like the one you Previously Posted? That is one of my life long Dream Bucket list things to do. Hoping the answer is a YES.

  5. I am interested in the American Covenant tour in September. Do you have an itinerary? Do we need to fly into Boston on September 24 and out of Washington, DC, on October 2?

    • I am still interested too. Just put it out to my husband and he can’t go cause of work schedule. I’m thinking of taking my son and seeing if I can talk my sister into going. How much of a deposit do you need to put down. Assuming there are still openings… And yes, what else do we need to plan for.. Assuming we have to book flights into Boston and out of Washington DC.

      • it’s a $300 deposit and we take care of everything except meals and airfare, however I can put you in touch with and airfare specialist who gets good deals, and the breakfasts are covered by the hotel.

  6. Yes I’m interested and looking into flights. If you have my member info.. I would love to talk on the phone. I don’t want to post my number to the public.

  7. Ryan, Can you give me the referral for the flight specialist? I found a pretty good deal but want to see if he has a better option, before I book it. Also, once I book it there is no refunds, it will be a point of no returns…Literally. Ha ha

  8. Ryan, is there a number we can call to get more information on the schedule, etc. My husband and I are very interested in the American Covenant tour. Are there still openings? Other than the link to make a deposit, you can’t find any other information.

  9. We want to get our air fare for the American Covenant Tour. Is starting airport and hotel in Boston know and the ending ones in DC.? Is there information about transportation available? We are so excited. We’ve seen some cheap fares. Thank you.

  10. Looking forward to American Covenant Tour. Would like to verify Boston airport and name of hotel. Time of check in at hotel. Also which airport out of Washington DC and what hotel and approximate time of departure should we schedule?
    Karen Quass

  11. Looking forward to American Covenant Tour. Would like to verify Boston airport and name of hotel. Time of check in at hotel. Also which airport out of Washington DC and what hotel and approximate time of departure should we schedule? Is there a website with information concerning tour? Please reply!!
    Thank you
    Karen Quass


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