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Mystery of the Flying Serpent NOW ON DVD!

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Shot over 3 years investigative journalist Ryan Fisher documents strange lights that appear on petroglyph covered rocks at specific times of the year. Along with local researchers they attempt to crack the code to find out what the story is. What they find is nothing short of amazing, the story appears to be directly from the Book of Mormon. (5 episodes)


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Cumorahland DVD – Did the final war of the Nephites and Lamanites take place at the Hill in western New York? If so is there any achaeological evidence of the great battles? Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher sets out to answer these questions once and for all. What he discoveres is ancient hill top forts numbering in the hundreds as well as the location of the Nephite seas and much more. Length 88min.


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Nephite Technology and The Mystic Symbol
The book of Mormon describes an advanced civilization that had metal weapons, agriculture and machinery. Is there any evidence of this in the archaeologicl record?

In the mid 1800’s people in Michigan began uncovering artifacts from ancient mounds by the thousands. Tablets that contained writing and pictures of what appeared to be a lost race of people. But these controversial finds have been hevily critisized by main stream archaeology because they we’re found by amateur archaeologist hundreds of years ago. Many of these tablets show parallels to the account of the Book of Mormon. Can these be authenticated? If so they may shed new light into that ancient people.


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Get every episode from season one on DVD including “Search for the promiseland” 5 part series and “Search for the Nephite Lands” 4 part series plus bonus episodes not available in full online anywhere. Help support the Nephite Explorer Project and spread the word!


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NOW ON DVD – SEASON TWO of Nephite Explorer. Join investigative journalist Ryan Fisher as he sets out to find the Gadianton Robbers of today by investigating the record of the Book of Mormon with prominent scholars and authors. Ryan also sets out to find the Gadianton robbers outposts where they took refuge for over 1000 years  and  the forts built by the Nephites to defend against the secret combinations here in North America. The locations are surprising as the latest finds from North American archeology reveals new insights into the plight of the Nephites and our plight today.

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    • Yes, they will be available on DVD soon. I have 3 episodes to finish of the 13 for season one. I’ll be making available DVD sets probably around the end of June. Thanks for the interest.

      • thanks so much for an awesome show. looking forward to each week’s episode. i’ll be buying dvd season 1 soon and will get season 2 when it’s available.

  2. i would love to purchase all the TV episodes. Please make them available through the bookstore. You have been very detailed and informative.

  3. I purchased the above listed book. The ad says, signed copy. I was disappointed when my copy arrived with no signature. What can I do to rectify this?

    • I apologize, one must have slipped through. If you are in Utah you’re welcome to attend an upcoming event with Tim and meet him in person. If you’re outside of Utah you can send the book back and I’ll get it signed and return it to you. Thanks

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  5. Just purchased Season 1. So excited to share this with my family. However, one of the DVD’s is blank. The DVD that is working has Part 1, 2, 3, & 4 on it. Not sure what is suppose to be on the other one.
    Could I please get a replacement 2nd DVD? I don’t want to miss a thing!!! I am assuming it has Part 5 on that one.
    Thank you so much.

    • Yeah Michelle, Sorry about that. I’ll mail you out a replacement dvd asap. Just to clarify: is the non working dvd “Search for the promiseland” or “search for the Nephite Lands?”

  6. I know this investgative work costs a lot, but $25 per season seems a bit high. Any chance of a small discount if buying both seasons at the same time? It seems like it would be a great promotional tool.

    • I could sell them for less but then there wouldn’t be a season 3. DVD sales doesn’t even come close to covering travel expenses let alone the thousands of hours researching and editing. Traveling all over the world isn’t cheap and I give it away on TV for free. The meager income from DVD sales is all I got next to advertisers on the show and what I can find in between the couch cushions:) Each DVD set has about 4 hours of programming. I should hope that all my efforts is worth $25 but if not, walmart has movies for $19.99 or less. Just sayin. I guess it comes down to what you want to support with your hard earned $$ and that’s a personal choice each of us has to make.

  7. K I figured out how to get to the purchase site. I selected both season 1 & season 2 but only one DVD season shows up in the checkout.
    How do I purchase both seasons at the same time?

    • Caroline, yeah I just got season 2 up yesterday in the bookstore but haven’t figured out the checkout to buy both in one transaction. Until I do you have to checkout twice. One for each DVD order. Sorry about that, I have a lousy IT guy….. me:) – Ryan

  8. Ryan any chance you can pit this in the iTunes Store? I buy Alex Boye’s CDs there and books and movies as well just a thought. It might give your work more exposure too. Love, love, love what you are doing!

  9. I have tried to email you multiple times and they keep coming back. I have questions concerning my order that I have not received or received any shipping notification. Please contact me at the email from this comment. Thank you.

    • Hello, I have your order in. I am on the road filming until the 15th. As soon as I’m back I’ll mail it off. Sorry for the delay. I’m a one man band. Thanks for your patience.

  10. Hi Ryan
    I have also emailed you about an order I placed for both dvds and have not received any notification of shipment this is a present and was hoping it would arrive on time

  11. I want to order both of these dvd .series but I can’t seem to order them together. Is there a way I can have them shipped together

  12. I want to order both of these dvd’s together. Your website won’t let me do that. Is there anyway I can have them shipped together instead of having two separate orders?

  13. Bumped into your program on YouTube last night! I LOVE it! My birthday’s coming up & I’m asking my wife for the DVDs! Great show! Walking with Wayne May on the mounds while he was explaining what he was seeing was way cool! Great job, Ryan!

  14. I realize you are probably super busy. I purchased both seasons about three weeks ago and I’m super excited to watch them. Is there any kind of estimated time of arrival or a shipment date? I tried emailing you but that didn’t seem to work.

    Thanks for all you are doing! I will definitely be sharing this information with others, it’s something I think every Mormon should know.

  15. Thanks Ryan, appreciate your passion to bring the evidence to light! We will continue to support you by purchasing these Dvds even though i know it can’t cover all your overhead.

  16. I used to watch you on kjazz and it has been taken off the air, can you tell me if there is another station on the dish channel that i can get your program and if kjazz is coming back on the air any time soon. Cleora

  17. Ryan, thanks so much for all the research and evidence that you, Wayne, Rod, Bruce and Tim have shared. I have previously purchased seasons one and two and am now ordering seasons three and four. I also have subscribed to TrueNorthTV. The information that you guys share are so clear and easy to understand. I share your websites and information with as many people that will listen. In the episode that talks about the soil samples in and around Hill Cumorah, I remember seeing the details of that on the TV episode, but on line on TrueNorthTV I didn’t see it in the presentation, only that it had been discussed previously. What episode is that in? Again thanks for all you do. I look forward to more in the future.

    • Hi Newell, the soil sample that James E Talmage is discussed in episode one or two of “Cumorahland” I can’t remember if Wayne goes into it in any of his presentations, I don’t believe so. Hope that answers your question, thanks for the support and spreading the word, that goes a long way. Ryan

  18. Hi Ryan! It’s always amazing to me how the Lord directs you to where your suppose to be when the time is right. Just yesterday I was on YouTube and came upon your videos. I have only watched a few videos so far but have read everything that is listed on this website. I FEEL LIKE I JUST WON THE LOTTERY! I have been searching and reading books on this stuff for a few years now and always wondered if someone in the church would do exactly what your doing! Since I’m still a “newbie” on all this, I am so excited to buy your DVD’s and start learning more. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing what your doing. I know you spend countless hours, money, and lots of sacrifice to bring these shows to people like me and I really appreciate all of your hard work. God Bless!

  19. Is it possible to purchase DVDs of all the nephrite explorer tv episodes from. Seasons 1 thru 4? If so how co I go about obtaining them ?

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