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“Beit Lehi” – (The House of Lehi) Archaeological site by Alan Rudd
Alan Rudd presents the latest findings from the Beit Lehi archaeological site in Israel. A fascinating place that dates to book of Mormon times.

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  1. I have tried canceling my membership a couple different ways and am still getting billed. I didn’t receive a reply back after my last email message. PLEASE cancel everything and credit my payment back to me.

    Jerilynn Smith
    435 784 3600

  2. Dear Ryan: I’ve just begun watching some of your pieces on youtube and like them very much. I am an American Indian genealogist and have had occasion to discuss the genealogy of Abraham Lincoln with some of the cousin descendants of the Hanks family of Kentucky who claim they are of the Choctaw Nation. It’s not widely known that there was a Choctaw school in Kentucky in the 1820’s era. Many of the students seem to have assimilated into the neighboring communities. I have worked on several families with connections to students of the school, The Choctaw Academy. In light of your inspiring comments about the Pilgrims being of Ephraim and the Indians, Lamanites of Manasseh; I thought it interesting that Abe might have been Lamanite as well. Actor Tom Hanks has a similar genealogy and a picture of his father, Amos, will absolutely blow your mind, he looks so native. Anyway, keep up the good work. We love what you are doing. Loved seeing Timothy Ballard and hearing him speak. I’ve been reading his book. Will President Trump go to his knees? Regards, Sister Kathie Donahue

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