The Threshing Floor – By Bruce H. Porter


Some of the topics discussed in current Nephite Explorer episodes about the causes for personal apostacy and some of the answers are contained in a book called “The Threshing Floor – faith and falling away” by Bruce H. Porter which identifies some of the common problems that cause people to leave the faith. It also provides answers and context to many of these issues that will strengthen ones faith in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as established by Joseph Smith and administered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is an excellent resource for combating personal apostasy in our own families and communities.  If you are interested in exploring these subjects in depth, the book can be pre ordered at this link:!bookstore-shop/g85f3

The book is at the printer and I’m told it will be shipping by the end of the month.


One thought on “The Threshing Floor – By Bruce H. Porter

  1. You my friend are a hypocrite. If you read through your churches own letters, you would see that half the things you are teaching are lies! but you man, this is about money isn’t it buddy. Money, filthy lucre, you’re just doing this cuz it’s about money it’s about deception, you don’t care about the truth if you did you would turn to the Bible and you read what it says about stuff that you’re teaching!
    Joseph Smith had zero gold plates according to your church! look it up on your own official lds website! read about him translating through a rock and a hat. .no plates! hypocrite!

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