Bruce Porter research symposium

Bruce Porter will be presenting the latest developments regarding the dead sea scrolls and many other facinating research next Monday 25th in Riverton, UT.

All of the content is scripturally grounded and faith-promoting. The material is entirely consistent with  scripture, drawn from historical documents, archaeology and the Bible.

While the presentation has a LDS element to it, any interested persons of all faiths are welcome to attend. Anyone curious about history that you won’t find in your average history books will enjoy the event. Above all, the theme focuses on the ancient, sacred and immutable connections between modern America and ancient Israel.

Come join us for this special opportunity. To register for the free event click on the link below:


8 thoughts on “Bruce Porter research symposium

  1. I would love to attend, but will be out of town. Is there any chance it will be streamed
    or in a later blog post?
    Thank you
    Athena Bowler

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  2. Would LOVE to attend this event, just saw the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit last summer in Los Angeles. I will not be able to make it on the 25th. Any chance he’s doing more than one presentation and the next one just happens to be Near Cedar City? We will be there on the 8th, 9th & 10th of May. Hint hint.. LOL! But serriously, would LOVE to know of any Future Events you guys are putting on, especially In the Southern Utah Area. So I could mark off my calendar and make plans accordingly. Heck! I would even host some at a local ward or something, Even my own home. We could set up chairs and a big screen in my garage. Just a thought. It doesn’t hurt to ask or just put it out there. Right? But if he’s going to do any other presentations any where else Like Utah or CA. I would love to know! Also, if that’s not an option. Posting it on would be REALLY cool too. Hint hint, 🙂 I LOVE what you (Ryan Fisher) , Rod Medlum, Wayne May, and many others are doing. It’s so exciting and so really cool for Future Youth and Generations to be able to see what you guys are doing. You guys are my heroes!!!!

  3. Is tru north tv available as an ap from the ap store? I’ve only recently become aware of and learned about nephite explorer from UTUBE. I’ve learned so much from watching the shows. Thank you Ryan for your videos. You’ve awakened a desire within me to read the book of mormon as well as the bible. I’m LDS, [born into] but have never really understood the religion. I do have a patriartical blessing. My lineage declared is from Joseph. My mothers on the other hand is Ephriam. Please help me to understand why my lineage is different from my own mothers?

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