Shot over 3 years investigative journalist Ryan Fisher documents strange lights that appear on petroglyph covered rocks at specific times of the year. Along with local researchers they attempt to crack the code to find out what the story is. What they find is nothing short of amazing, the story appears to be directly from the Book of Mormon. (5 episodes)

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  1. Thank-you so much for this information- I was given a father”s blessing before we left on our f-h- mission to Tonga2001 before this we both filled a temple, f-h mission for 20 yrs, he served one in Germany, plus stake mission for 4 yrs when we arrived in Tonga I was told by the spirit you been away from tonga for 47 yrs- when my feet were on the ground I was told that we will be calling on missions not one, or two but 3 missions, and the last mission- we will be an eye witness when the Savior will come, from the clouds with the powers, glories, and power of the priesthood He will lifted up his chosen people they will be surrounded the tonga temple at that time and will bring them to west Jordan temple here in America,prepareing them to go to Missouri to help build the temple out there. we return home from our first mission, oonly 3 week later we received a call from the prophet and stated your work with your people are not done yet- so again we left, so many spiritual expriences,I visit with our Savior,speakin to me from the clouds,at tonga tapu, the second one He spoken to me at Haapai, I had boils (suffered) walked after a priesthood blessing at 4:00 a’m He spoke to me from the clouds,another visited by one of the 3 Nephites, I was lost for over 4 hrs in a huge tropical forest,he came for my rescue, 2 wks before we return home I was also visited by Angel Moroni in our missionary arpt. before my father died He was told where some of the records of our nephi are at, are been protected by wild beast,in South America, and other in a huge liebary in old Mexico ,in 24 liebary and they are still there and the records of the nephites in their orig, reittings, and some Haghoth took them on that ship back to the Hawaiian is, (records of the Nephites) In a dream I saw them and the sort of Labon, my father told me we have to be ready before the Lord will allowed the rest of these records come fort in his own dew time.and as mu blessing was given that I will be able to help bring forth these records from the Old Mexico liebaries there,and more information were given him and am reting hia book but has no money to publish it, what you was saying on your post and videos are true- I’m a Nephite, our people were destroyed here in America but those fron Haghoth’s ship and some all ready left to the south sea were saves,Prophet Spencer W Kimball told us that in hie area conf. 1974 I believe, about the flying saucer they are true, After the destrustions here in America,the land were divided, and tonga is sittin on a top of a volcanical is, it will come in in the last days and it’s starting now-and one more, during the destruction here in America during the crufictions of Christ, there was a huge mountain was build up in the middle of the ocean- and that’s where Adam and Eve are at and many ressorerected people are at this time-the reason why the flying saucer cannot come or styed here because the elements on this earth cannot hold them down- Mother Eve came to help my father with his genealogy traced back to Fater Adam after seachinf for 40 yrs, she came and visited face with my father a very spiritual man of god who love him served him all his life and spend the rest of hid life at the S-L Temple every day,again thank-you so much for sharing your testimony and your knowledge with us-I love it.Aloha.- ‘i’m par German, Tongan, I md. a white man.from Granger Utah Utah Pioneers Desended of Brigham Young, John Taylor,(and so many more John Tt Mc Allister did the temple work for the singer of independences at the St. George temple.good luck hope this might help you.

  2. Hi Ryan. We have loved your episodes on Anasazi Ridge. I’d love to help them in their goal to protect the area. At the end of the episode that just aired on Sunday you give the address to their website. I didn’t write it down and cant find it on google search. Can you tell me the website for their foundation? Thanks!

  3. Joseph Smith said the Nephites were in the U.S. I believe they were the mound builders. Central and South America sounded more exciting to one man who spread the story of mexico and etc. The Church never corroborated that. However, it is possible that some of the Jaredites, who were here for many, many years went to mexico and etc. The Jaredites were not all related. They brought relatives, and friends. Who knows.

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