Nephite Explorer Season 4 Premieres Today

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Season 4 episode one of The Nephite Explorer Project premieres today on KJZZ channel 14 at 4:30. In the next several episodes journalist Ryan Fisher investigates a mysterious set of ancient petroglyph panels that at certain times of the year, come alive through incredible light shows as the rising sun casts rays of light through holes in the rock cliff above. Its an ancient phenomenon that took 3 years to film with time laps cameras. But the most amazing part is that the lights appear to be telling a story right from the Book of Mormon.

Watch today on KJZZ channel 14 at 4:30 or online at

9 thoughts on “Nephite Explorer Season 4 Premieres Today

  1. I love Nephite Explorer. Thank you so much for opening up the treasures of the Book of Mormon, hidden here in this promised land!

  2. I sent you a long comment about your program tonite. Did you get it? It was long. Ask Rod Meldrum if you got it and you think I am a Fake.

  3. Been following you for a few years, but won’t be in Utah for next 18 months (on a mission). Can I watch on-demand DVR from elsewhere in the us?

  4. I watched the show last night about Santa Clara Anasazi V I lived in that valley for about a year and the little house on the right after you cross the river was built for me. I had many wonderful experiences there. I saw a thing there that might interest there with a soltis. I had never seen one before and never saw that one again. I had a tremendous feeling I was looking some how at the Entrance to an ancient cave. I followed the markers several times but it just led me around the rock edged trail. Spent many days walking those markings and others. Was a great experience. Sheila Wilson, who used to own that place ,Son is my Home teacher.

  5. Lol buddy.
    You are quoting in the episode I saw today that Joseph Smith translated from the plates. Yet your church has published letters that Joseph Smith did not translate from the plates he used a stone in a hat. That makes you a liar hypocrite you need really need to look up your own buddy.

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