Bruce Porter research symposium

Bruce Porter will be presenting the latest developments regarding the dead sea scrolls and many other facinating research next Monday 25th in Riverton, UT.

All of the content is scripturally grounded and faith-promoting. The material is entirely consistent with  scripture, drawn from historical documents, archaeology and the Bible.

While the presentation has a LDS element to it, any interested persons of all faiths are welcome to attend. Anyone curious about history that you won’t find in your average history books will enjoy the event. Above all, the theme focuses on the ancient, sacred and immutable connections between modern America and ancient Israel.

Come join us for this special opportunity. To register for the free event click on the link below:



Shot over 3 years investigative journalist Ryan Fisher documents strange lights that appear on petroglyph covered rocks at specific times of the year. Along with local researchers they attempt to crack the code to find out what the story is. What they find is nothing short of amazing, the story appears to be directly from the Book of Mormon. (5 episodes)

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Nephite Explorer Season 4 Premieres Today

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Season 4 episode one of The Nephite Explorer Project premieres today on KJZZ channel 14 at 4:30. In the next several episodes journalist Ryan Fisher investigates a mysterious set of ancient petroglyph panels that at certain times of the year, come alive through incredible light shows as the rising sun casts rays of light through holes in the rock cliff above. Its an ancient phenomenon that took 3 years to film with time laps cameras. But the most amazing part is that the lights appear to be telling a story right from the Book of Mormon.

Watch today on KJZZ channel 14 at 4:30 or online at