Will the end come in September? Shemitah and 4 blood moons?

There’s a lot of buzz about major events that may align to signs in the heavens and biblical predictions that will happen in the next few weeks. Many of the episodes of The Nephite Explorer Project discuss ways the Nephites ushered in great judgements from God for disregarding his laws on this promised land. A situation we share in these wicked times. But if you look at the prophecies in the Book of Mormon about the destruction of the Nephites, the times we’re known by a select few but they we’re commanded to keep that knowledge from the people. This makes sense because if you knew the day or month major destructions we’re to happen, what would you do? Most would procrastinate the day of their repentance, many wouldn’t believe, some of those that would believe would be preparing like mad out of fear hoping their temporal preparations will save them (trusting in the arm of flesh), and the rest would be living complacently knowing that the end is far off. Christ teaches us to watch and be ready always.  We need to always be spiritually right with him regardless of what temporal destructions await.

We just had several people in our ward pass away. Some knew it was coming and some didn’t. The point is the major “destructions” in our lives could happen any minute. For the father and mother who passed on recently, the calamities of their families hit a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately both families in these situations had “oil in their lamps.”

The destructions of the last days that I fear the most are the spiritual destructions that are all around us. Satan is wielding great power over the hearts of mankind and I fear the spiritual perils that await my own children because these destructions reach far beyond the grave. If only we we’re more alarmed with the spiritual devastations, the spiritual mortar shells that are landing all around us, than maybe the discussion over destructions of the last days would actually yield faith building conversations rather than fear mongering.

To find out what will happen, or what preparations you and your family need to make, I say take it to the Lord. When I’ve done this the answer usually is something I need to change internally rather than something to stockpile externally.  Trust in him and lean not unto thy own understanding. He is the only one that knows all hidden things.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents on the current situation.

Here is an 8 min video that you may want to watch before moving to a tent city in the mountains.

3 thoughts on “Will the end come in September? Shemitah and 4 blood moons?

  1. Very well said. As I read the scriptures, I cannot help but get the distinct impression that each one of our Lord’s prophets have been given the privilege of knowing the beginning to the end. That in mind, I notice that our prophet and his Apostles have remained very calm, in spite of ALL the earth being in commotion. At the General Conferences I have been fortunate enough to witness, I listen to their words and they are all very calm and leave me with peace and hope. I guess I will put my trust in them and in my Savior and try to be like Nephi of old… “and we heeded them not”, to the rest of the chaos and dysfunction. By the way, thank you for your awesome show! I have always wondered, by the descriptions in the Book of Mormon, if it wasn’t The U.S. they weren’t talking about. I used to live in Hudson, Ohio and we visited NY on a few occasions. I am very grateful for smart people like you and the brothers on your show. It amazes me when Heavenly Father sends witnesses to verify his word! Thank you! Amy Leach

  2. Always love to hear what you have to say Ryan. Although I do feel change in the wind. And I’ve kept my ears and eyes searching for truth. One indicator for me to not panic. Is we are still sending missionaries out. We all need to evaluate ourselves and change our lifestyles, habits and routines to sync up with gods will. Spiritually and temporally. Keep your lamps full my friends.

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