Season 3 premieres Sunday at 4:30 and 6:30 on KJZZ channel 14

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Season Three is premiering this week and I’m really excited about the investigations we’re diving into. The first series investigates the hill Cumorah to determine if it was in fact the ancient battle field of the Nephites. I investigate the history, latest scholorship and archaeology to fill in the picture of Cumorahland and the events that took place there. We make some startling discoveries including undocumented ancient fortifications that have been hidden in the woods of western New York for thousands of years.

The program will be airing on KJZZ channel 14 over the next few months and DVD’s will be availible soon in the bookstore.

-Ryan Fisher

11 thoughts on “Season 3 premieres Sunday at 4:30 and 6:30 on KJZZ channel 14

  1. Your awesome Ryan. I’m coming to Orem next week, and I plan to hit up your presentation. It’s amazing that the heartland model movement has evolved beyond just geography. It’s answers so many of today’s questions. And your series is my favorite. Can’t wait to buy season 3.

  2. Thanks Ryan, I look forward to watching, love the good work you do, hope this research continues to inspire and grow.

  3. Ryan I will be up Wednesday, and hope we can meet together for awhile about the next Summit in Orem, July 2 ND, 3 RD and 4 TH. It is shaping up to be a Spectacular.  I am looking forward to get your input about the Agenda etc.  Wayne

  4. So pumped about the new season! In the past you posted the episodes the day after or we were able to stream them down here in AZ. Is there any way for us to view the episodes down here or do we have to wait for the DVD?

    • Hi Chad, I’ll have the DVD availible soon (next week or two). We’ll also have it streaming shortly (this summer sometime). I’ll get it all up as soon as possible. Thanks for the interest.

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