A call to action


Here’s a link to the recent press conference calling for legislation that protects religious freedom. It lays out the same case we discussed in Season TWO of the program. Please pass this on to friends and family, we need to raise an army of constitutionally minded, well educated defenders of freedom! all the while maintaining compassion and tolerance for others with differing opinions. This may be the defining fight of our generation that will have major consequences for untold generations to come.


One thought on “A call to action

  1. If only a majority of people who work in the government capacity could have the integrity and courage to follow this fair advice, instead of cowering to “popular” opinions. I know that this is part of what is to take place, but I have always tried to hold out hope. As sad as it is, I still love watching “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. It keeps my perspective in line.

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