Growing our faith through Grief

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This is an article about a cousin of mine who has a special story that we all can benefit from. Each summer my family has a large family reunion in Southern Idaho at my great grandparents farm just west of Preston. We fill the weekend with fun games and activities. Brittney still attends in spite of fact she is confined to her wheelchair. While she may not be able to participate in some of the activities, the fact that she has kept her faith and testimony through just a traumatic experience is an inspiration to me and many others of our family.

With all the discussion and debates on Book of Mormon geography and the like, while I do believe that is important, this is a good reminder of what is the most important, faith in Christ.

2 thoughts on “Growing our faith through Grief

  1. I had an emotional stirring within me when I read about Brittany. Our 14 year old grandson committed suicide recently and the comment about, Feel your grief let it out, was healing for me. We do try to keep feelings in so we are not hurt. But the answer is give it to the Lord and through his Atonement you can be whole again. We may be different from what we werebefore but it is all good. Thanks Brittany and Ryan God bless you.

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