Research presentation this weekend – St. George

I’m attending a presentation this weekend that will be given by Paul Taylor who has decoded some glyphs near St. George that may describe New Testament and Book of Mormon events. Paul will present his findings at the St. George East Stake Center:

6 PM Saturday Dec. 20th

St. George east stake center

(Just east of the Temple)

His research is very compelling and provides an incredibly valuable insight to events here in Utah territory around 350 AD. If you can’t attend than don’t worry, I’m working on incorporating his findings into a future Nephite Explorer episode. Here is the flyer for the event: Paul Taylor presentation
Picture 9

3 thoughts on “Research presentation this weekend – St. George

  1. I sure do wish we could make this. If you record it, would you let us know?
    Thank you
    Athena Bowler

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  2. I thoroughly enjoy your shows, and have watched them each time you air one. So informative! I look forward to learning more! Thank you for your dedication to this project. Barbara S. Adams

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