Now that we know – go out and vote!

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In season two I set out to expose the secret combinations that threaten our liberty and prosperity today. I originally thought it would be a 2-3 part investigation but quickly found out that this rabbit hole is much much deeper. 12 episodes later I feel I’ve just scratched the surface as secret (and not so secret) combinations have infiltrated every facet of our society and government to the detriment of the liberty of the people. This has been a long process that really took hold in 1913 and has only gained momentum since. It has been perpetuated by scheming politicians on both sides of the aisle, in the hallways stretching into the dark back ally ways. If you begin to look into the warnings about secret combinations from Moroni that are scattered through the Book of Mormon record and really look at what was going on and who was involved, and compare that to what’s happening today, the parallels are right on top of each other.

So what can we do about it? We’ll if you’re like me, finding candidates that I can whole heartedly support is harder and harder as money and politics takes over morality and common sense. If you are searching for alternatives to the elephants and donkeys than I’d suggest you look into the Independent American Party.

Just read over their core principles (found here:    ) and compare them to the principles laid out by Moroni and Mormon in their prophetic council to us. I think you’ll find, like me, many parallels headed in the right direction. Either way get out and vote with your conscience. May God continue to bless America as long as we don’t throw our blessings away though ignorance, selfishness and apathy.

Ryan Fisher


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12 thoughts on “Now that we know – go out and vote!

  1. Ryan,I still want to get you out here to kentucky for a seminar. I know you got busy over the summer. I am still interested if you are.BTW–my parents saw you in Utah around gen. conference time at your conference.wish I were there for that.Jarl

    Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 17:59:35 +0000 To:

  2. I agree with your principles and point of view Ryan, but unfortunately, until this party gets more notoriety, a vote for them might as well be a vote for the Democrats, in other words a wasted vote. It will take away a vote for a new Republican that can truly make a difference and get us out of this downward spiral we have been in the past 6-8 years. – Matt Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 17:59:32 +0000 To:

    • Hi Matt, I understand your reasoning but the way I see it is the “downward spiral” as you put it, didn’t begin 6-8 years ago. If you look at the last 100 years of Federal government, regardless of which party is at the helm, our country has moved so far from the principals it was founded on that it can hardly even be called a republic by any definition of the word. I challenge anyone to show me a string of laws passed by either party that support the constitution. It is difficult to even find one. Voting for those that do less harm is still doing harm. I’ve voted for democrats and republicans always trying to pick and choose the lesser of two evils making compromises all along the way, but in the end, money and lobyists win out and we are left disapointed while the ship is still headed for the iceberg.
      You’re right the IAP party needs more notoriety to be a force in government. But even if one of their candidates gets into an office, and lives by the principals espoused, that is still a victory for liberty and will bless many lives. I wish I could say the same for a republican candidate but the problem is the system, if they are Republican than they are subject to the strings of the party and those strings pull harder than campeign promises or moral convictions as history has proven. The mid terms are on pace to be the largest spending mid-terms in history. 4 billion dollars is being spent and those donors are expecting a return on their investment and will likely get it who ever wins the seat. That’s what was happening when the Gadianton robbers took “sole management of the government.” I don’t want to be guilty of supporting a similar rise in our day because I couldn’t tell the good guys from the bad. That’s my take on it anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know many others feel the same way you do. – Ryan Fisher

      • Ryan I posted my reply to Matt then saw your response and as always you are my hero and yes you do indeed get it. Notoriety is already here, because people that check it out realize the two parties are the SAME in every aspect as proven by their voting records.
        Thanks for being a beacon for truth. Wayne Hill

    • Matt this is Wayne Hill one of the co-founders of the INDEPENDENT American party. The name came from Joseph Smith over 170 years ago. For your enlightenment the Republicans or Democrats have never pasted one non Communist Law since Joseph said that, if you will remember he ran as an INDEPENDENT for President, not as a Democrat or Wig. Both parties have passed around a million laws against the Constitution, not one for it can I find. Please look at the facts, yes truth. IAP is Principles not Politics. So realistically do you think the new kid is going to be the first. Remember neither party in over 100 years. In my opinion the only way you could waste your vote is to vote R. or D. Thank you Wayne Hill, your servant and Gods.

  3. Incredible article Ryan, only the truth can set us free and God is truth. The Federal Reserve banking cartel, which is controlled by the Gadiantons, have had a hold on our political system far too long by controlling both the Republicans and Democrats.

    Not much time left to save the Constitution from the Secret Combinations, we have got to wake people up. Great work Ryan!! This Wayne Hill guy seems to have the truth!

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