SEASON TWO now available ON DVD!

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NOW ON DVD – SEASON TWO of Nephite Explorer. Join investigative journalist Ryan Fisher as he sets out to find the Gadianton Robbers of today by investigating the record of the Book of Mormon with prominent scholars and authors. Ryan also sets out to find the Gadianton robbers outposts where they took refuge for over 1000 years  and  the forts built by the Nephites to defend against the secret combinations here in North America. The locations are surprising as the latest finds from North American archeology reveals new insights into the plight of the Nephites and our plight today.

Go to the bookstore tab to order your copy today.

13 thoughts on “SEASON TWO now available ON DVD!

  1. Hi Nephite Explorer

    I am interested in purchasing both season 1 and 2 and live in Australia. What would the postage charge be for the 2 dvd’s? There was no “contact us” option on your site that I could find.

    Thanks so much.

    Ourania Fielding


  2. So what’s coming up next, or will the program start doing reruns of the gadiantons. I truly enjoyed your program. Keep up the good work.

  3. How goes the “next investigation”?

    I just started introducing the series to my parents, who are fans of the work done by Rod Meldrum and Wayne May and others. They thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the insights about being under the same covenant as the Nephites here in the Promised Land, and that it applies to us as an entire nation. All the ills that afflict us as a nation at present, including war, corruption, divisiveness, hatred, etc. are indications that we must repent (as a nation) and return to the covenant of this land, or be swept away.

    So thanks for all the hard work!

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