Season Two begins April 6th

Tune in for the season premiere of “Secret oaths and combinations” April 6th on KJZZ channel 14 at 6:30PM. We dive into the Gadianton robbers from the Book of Mormon and seek to find out why Mormon chose to put that account in his record for our day. What did he see when he saw our day that motivated him to instruct us on secret combinations whose sole purpose was to get gain and over throw the liberty of the people. Its a mult part series with some great insights from researchers, authors and of course the Book of Mormon. It’s going to be good. Tune in at 4:30 or 6:30 PM after conference.

12 thoughts on “Season Two begins April 6th

    • Yes, I hope so. I’m working on getting the whole series on air in AZ. Until then however it will be available on DVD as soon as I get it done. Hopefully by the end of the month. Thanks – Ryan

  1. Ryan, any chance you can post the episodes again on your website after they have aired like you did for season 1? Or do we just need to move to Utah?

    • Hi Chad, half of season one is online. The full season is available on DVD only right now. I wish I could give it all away but if I do that, I wont have funding to pay for travel for the next investigation. You can find the dvd in the bookstore tab to the left. It’s better than moving to Utah right? Ha ha. Thanks

  2. I was bothered by this episode and some of the insinuations allegedly put forth. When talking about the seduction of the people, your guest referred to the spoils as entitlements. However, he left a bad taste in my mouth. He seemed to imply the actions of a certain political party in the United States. My thoughts to counter his, the Gadianton Robbers are smart. They attack where people are the most vulnerable, and they do not have a particular party allegiance. They just change their methods. I see it as more of a chain. First, they need to get the favoritism of the governing body, then to continue, they manipulate the governors to passing laws/taking actions in the name of public safety. This may include entitlement programs. However, I believe a bulk of it is in the lower cost for things we enjoy, or passing laws forcing the public to buy certain things.
    In truth, it is a myriad of things, and we do not know who or what is involved. It becomes difficult to clearly discern who is truthful and who is out for gain.

    • Mhale,
      You’re right, it is a myriad of things that the Gadiantons of today use to seduce us into believing in their works and partaking of their spoils.
      You correctly listed some of these things. Bruce Porter was offering just one example of sharing the spoils and made no reference to any particular party because as I see it, the principals the Gadianton robbers operated on are principals that have infultrated every party to one extent or the other. Laws for “public safety”, education policies, tax codes favoring certain people, environmental policies, “politically motivated science”, health care mandates…..anywhere the government offers something in exchange for freedom is a Gadianton policy. And entitlements are just one part of that. There is so much to cover, this investigation is 12 parts, we’re only 2 parts into it and after 12 episodes I feel I’m just scratching the surface. Good thoughts thanks for sharing. Ryan

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