Investigating ancient Nephite Forts

I’m on the trail of the forts built by Governor Lachoneus in their last stand against the Gadianton robbers with archeologist Wayne May. You’ll never

guess where we’re at…… southern Illinois on the border with Kentucky, you won’t believe all the stuff out here buried deep in the woods.


24 thoughts on “Investigating ancient Nephite Forts

  1. Just curious. Science Channel is showing a program, Rome: What Lies Beneath. Other than possible privacy concerns, what is the likelihood that the technology (satellite imaging and 3D mapping) being used in this program could be used to discover America’s past.

    • Its very very useful especially in searching for Hopewell mounds and earthen structures. Many of the ancient remains are earthworks which show up in both sat imaging and 3D maps. Wayne May just found a huge geometric structure in upper Wis. the old fashion way. He’s documenting right now and sat images, ir imaging, lidar….etc would be extremely useful. But any technological effort takes money and there is absolutely no funding for North American archeology of any kind unfortunetly.

    • Forts! That’s what the early settlers and archeologists called them when they we’re discovered in the 1800′s. The town of “Stone fort” Illinois was so called because of the massive fort found nearby. They are clearly hill top fortifications buried in the forest. Some have been studied, most have not and many have been recently discovered by locals. I’m working on a Nephite explorer episode/ investigation right now. Coming soon….stay tuned!

      • Maaan, you guys are killing me with all these teasers. I’m dyin for some heartland news! Anything on zarahemla or anything?? What happened to that meldrum guy… he’s so far off the grid I heard Ludlum came back from the dead to write a novel about him lol

      • HA HA,LOL good one. Yeah, can’t wait for the Meldrum rebuttle book….. should be entertaining:) Sorry for the teaser but aint it cool?!? Had to share just to let folks know theres a lot happening with the Nephite Explorer Project. From what I know on the potential Zarahemla temple site, it’s stalled in negotiation… something about the buyer being Israeli and the seller Palestinian….. so they’re trying to get a hold of John Kerry or something 😉

  2. The scientific community has, for the most part, tried to keep these types of ancient ruins under wraps. I will tip my hat to you if your able to make any type of progress in uncovering what the Smithsonian has endeavored to cover up for hundreds of years.

    • Yeah, it’s been a huge coverup from the beginning, a very effective one, why? so the Government could justify taking everything from the Native Americans and also to bury any archeology that lends credibility to the Book of Mormon……why would the Smithsonian care about the Mormons? Well two of their founders, John Wesley Powell and Edwin Davis had fathers who were ministers in upstate NY when Joseph Smith published the Book of Mormon….hmmmmmm I have no illusions to breaking through to academia which has willfully disregarded physical proof of ancient cultures. This project is for the those who think for themselves, are receptive to the Holy Ghost and haven’t been diluted by the self serving false priesthood of academia who replace revelation from God and scripture with “peer reviews” and journals full of falsehoods that nobody reads…. generally speaking of course:) And what of the scientific community? They disregard spiritual evidence all together even though “witness” testimony is the backbone of our legal system. And on top of that gaining a spiritual witness IS repeatable as any good experiment is. It’s been repeated by millions of people with similar if not the same results….. and yet it’s thrown out of Science altogether…… you got me going now… fortunatly for us there is SO MUCH archeology coming out of the ground for the last 200 years that even the Smithsonian can’t hide it all… all they can do is call it all “Fakes” and discredit those that unearthed things that prove they have been wrong for a really long time… thanks for the thoughts Jason this is a discussion that needs to be out there so people know whats really going on.

    • Yeah, I know Steve Smoot, he advertises the documentary and his new book on my show on channel 14 in Utah. It’s good stuff. They focus on a secular history whereas I bring in the Book of Mormon history but both complement each other quite well.

  3. I wanted to contact you about a nephite fort in northern GA. I served my mission there, and spent a little time looking into this location, and I have some really fascination facts, photos and reports about this site. Please email me, I would love for you to look into it.

  4. How many forts are there in southern Illinois and isn’t there a guy who has done extensive research on the southern Illinois Hill Forts. I stumbled upon a face book page called southern Illinois Unearthed that mentioned them.

    • The DNR for illinois has documented 41 forts that I’m aware of but I don’t know anyone who has studied them extensivly or as a whole. If you know of some research please pass it onto me. Thanks Ryan

      • Ryan, what are the forts that you have visited?? I’m planning a 2+ week vacation Back East (from Utah) and will visit Church and BoM History sites, and our trail takes us to the Southern Illinois area! I loved Season 2 and the War Bluff, Millstone Bluff and Pounds Hollow fortifications; and I wanted to know if I’d even be able to visit them and/or others while on our trip??!! 😀

      • Yeah, you could visit Makonda, MIllstone BLuff and Pounds Hollow (recreation area). The others are very difficult to find. Those three you can look up online. They are all recreation areas or state parks. You might consider Newark earthworks, moundcity national monumnet, seip mound, serpent mound along the way from Kirtland to so. illinois. Have fun

      • Ryan, I have spoken at Ancient American Conferences in Fort Wayne and Washington Indiana, as well as Illinois State Archaeological Survey Annual Meeting’s etc. I would be the guy mentioned above and have taken Wayne on a tour of several. If you have question’s please feel free to contact me, now you know someone who has studied them extensively. By the way it was my son who showed you around for the pictures and video’s. I would also like to know more about how you came up with 41. forts,the IDNR does not have that number, that I am aware of.

    • Southern Illinois Unearthed is my page, I have done most of the definitive work on the southern Illinois stoneforts, the DNR number of 41 is made up, there are exactly 11 recorded, I found the 11th myself.

  5. Thank you so much, Ryan!! Next question: is there ANYWHERE that I may find and purchase the Nephite Explorer SOUNDTRACK!?!? 😀 😀 😀 I love the music! Who did it for you? It brings chills every time I listen!

    • Hi Cartson, I gather music from various composers that make music for soundtracks only. So it’s not available anywhere to purchase that I’m aware of. It’s one of my favorite parts of the process. I spend a lot of time searching out music that has the right spirit about it. Glad you enjoy it.

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