Civil liberties vs. religous freedom and what the pilgrims would say about it.

Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher meets with scholar Bruce Porter in Plymouth, Mass.  for a candid discussion on the events leading up to the establishment of the new land of freedom and the threats to our freedom today. Events prophesied by Nephite prophets to warn us of our perilous situation.

This is a controversial and sensitive topic no doubt so please keep you comments civil and respectful of all sides.


7 thoughts on “Civil liberties vs. religous freedom and what the pilgrims would say about it.

  1. Yikes! I believe the viewpoints expressed in this interview are misguided. Civil liberties and freedom are not given to just those who hold your views. (Thank goodness for that!)

    • Government mandated civil liberties always come at the expense of someones freedom. Thus civil liberties and true freedom are in conflict and cannot be considered the same. Liberty to live as you like, act as you like and believe as you like, as long as it doesn’t infringe on others rights, are God given rights for all. Civil liberties are man’s laws that (in practice) hold no regard for God’s laws or the rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Government is in the business of making laws to infringe on our God given rights instead of protecting them as it should. When a government legislates something as someones “Civil right” they are saying that others cannot deny them that right and must fall in line with the beliefs of that civil right or face the consequences of breaking that law. Our God given rights are taken away when we are forced to do something against our moral beliefs. Thus “civil liberties” are a threat to freedom.

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