Nephite Explorer TV is premiering on KJZZ channel 14 in Utah and parts of Idaho and Nevada Sunday APRIL  7TH at  6:30 in the evening. It is an action packed weekly travel journalism and adventure show diving into scriptural history and prophecies about latter day America. We’ll be running investigations from locations around the world and many right here at home.

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If you didn’t catch the overview “Sneak Peek” program on channel 14 here it is:


  1. You gave a great presentation yesterday at the conference and I’m looking forward to the show tomorrow. I hope you’ll spend an episode sometime exploring the remains of the line of fortifications between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at the southern tip of Illinois.

  2. I’m in Arizona and it just kept saying that the maximum number of viewers had been reached on the livestream… grrrrr… I wanted to see that. Can we watch it on our ipad or do we have to actually sit at a computer (does anybody do that anymore… lol)

  3. So excited about this. Question. Timothy Ballard’s video promo comes up as private we are unable to access it on your site.

  4. I’m in st. Geroge and I’m trying to see it at 6:30 because it told me the max. viewres had been reached during the noon time. UGH. Hope it will allow me to see it this time. Is this live version different than the trailer on your site?

  5. Why the heck would you only allow 54 viewers on the live stream?? I have tried to see this a noon and then again tonight and nothing. I’ve sat at my computer for several minutes waiting for this as the live stream showed the add and then stopped and had a colored screen. I refreshed right at 6:30 and now it says the max number of viewers has been reached! grrr so frustrated, I have been anxious to see this all day. Will you PLEASE repost to your website so the rest of us can see this video. I believe your work is important and people all over the world should have access.

  6. Thank you for creating this show! I get so frustrated watching America Unearthed on History Channel and I always wish that someone would create something like this that recognizes the histories contained in the scriptures that tie in to these historical sites. And here it is!

  7. Is the Sneak Peak the first episode? It was very frustrating waiting for the Livestream and there were only about 50 spots available..

  8. Interesting show! I must admit I am a Mesoamericanist but I can appreciate the effort in research that has gone into these shows. I wish there were episodes that covered the Mesoamerican theory and the Heartland theory as well….just a thought

    • Yeah, thanks for sharing your thoughts and keeping an open mind. There are several interesting investigations I’d like to do in meso america…. the legend of the feathered serpent among central and south American peoples, Stela 5 the “Lehi stone”….. I’ve toured ruins in Mexico and there may very well be connections to Nephite missionaries or visitations from Christ….stay tuned!

    • Joseph Smith sent missionaries to the Lamanites in Missouri. During Zion’s Camp, they crossed what he called “The Plains of Nephi”. Prophecies talk about “this land” being where the New Jerusalem will be built. None of those things are in meso-America. They’re in North America. If you haven’t seen Ron Meldrum’s presentations, make it a priority.

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  9. Hi, I am in Utah and I went to KJAZZ 14 to see about the 15th’s show but it lists nothing at the hours you posted it would air so I looked at the whole entire day and evening and it doesn’t show anything will be aired? Could you explain this? Thanks

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