1. This is absolutely amazing. I TOTALLY loved it. THANK YOU and I want to follow your blog and read up on what more amazing things you’re going to be doing. I’m the lady that played the dulcimer with my husband that played the auotharp at Sue’s house when you were there. and I wish you could have come to see our place. next time. you could go to my blog and see a little video that was made by ILLINOIS STORIES http://www.irenetukuafu.blogspot.com

    aloha, irene

    • Thanks for the interest. Your music is amazing. It really set the scene for Wayne’s presentation. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to come by while in Nauvoo. I’ll stop by your yurt for sure this spring. Aloha, Ryan

  2. I like the idea of your website. I think it’s great, and I would like to take your site seriously. But, when I come across simple grammatical and spelling errors that even a quick spell check should catch, I start to wonder about your level of expertise. You could have someone proofread the article before posting it. If you were to improve upon this, it would start to lend a little credibility to your site. The sloppiness or lack of knowledge of these tenets of the English language make me ask what else has been overlooked and shows a general lack of attention to detail. I’m critical because I care and would like to see this website and your work succeed. 

    • Attention to detail is nice…but you can’t mispell the Spirit…This, in my opinion, is the greatest attention to detail one can have…

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