Civil liberties vs. religous freedom and what the pilgrims would say about it.

Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher meets with scholar Bruce Porter in Plymouth, Mass.  for a candid discussion on the events leading up to the establishment of the new land of freedom and the threats to our freedom today. Events prophesied by Nephite prophets to warn us of our perilous situation.

This is a controversial and sensitive topic no doubt so please keep you comments civil and respectful of all sides.


Did Israel prophecy about George Washington and the United States thousands of years in advance?

Journalist Ryan Fisher goes to the country of Israel to see if there are any connections between biblical prophecy and the establishment of America. Could The United States be the promised land spoken of in Genisis 49? Abraham Lincoln seemed to believe so and as we trace the clues they lead us to George Washington who did something that unlocks the secret of Americas prosperity.


“Did the Book or Mormon alter the outcome of the Civil War?” – the answer in part two airs TODAY!

Tonight at 4:30 and 6:30 PM on KJZZ channel 14 in Utah, we’ll travel to Gettysburg where the tide of the battle and war was turned. But what most people don’t know is what was happening back at the white house at that moment when a president, on his knees, received a personal revelation that would change everything. Don’t miss “Search for the Promiseland” part two, “The Nation Converts”

Manasseh battlefield

Did the Book of Mormon alter the outcome of the Civil War?

The answer may just rewrite American history.

Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher travels to Washington DC to investigate the events that led up to President Lincolns second inaugural address in which he states that the civil war is a judgment from God on the nation and that the United States is a promised land just like ancient Israel. Language suspiciously similar to that of Captain Moroni as found in the Book of Mormon.  Attempting to find the source of this new found belief, Ryan meets with CIA agent Timothy Ballard who uncovered the key to President Lincolns “conversion” a key that harks from the Book of Mormon. Find out more in episode 2 “Lincoln’s Conversion”

Part II will air April 29th 6:30PM on KJZZ 14, Comcast 657 in Utah.